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to lucrative working with the „Hubertus-Systems”




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Hubert Jentsch - Problematologe
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Baden-Baden, 27. Mai 2002

References to the filing of an application of a licence agreement to lucrative working with the „Hubertus-Systems” :

Author of the „Hubertus-Systems“ : Hubert Jentsch

The term “System 21” as well as the “System 21 after Hubertus” are in
copyright matters protected.
The use of the term System 21” for other employments is tolerated  by the Author.

1)        System 21 = the ideal partners -, sex partner and Karma formula after Hubertus as well as the asterisk and complementarities of ascendants = air characters with fire characters and water characters with earth characters

2)        The great thema = the large topic = the person analysis after Hubertus = the triangle relationship between letters, numbers and the stars of our solar system :


a)      around systematic recognizing of the individual influences of the heavenly bodies: Moon, Mars, Merkur, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun on all life on the earth, as well as on the earth itself

b)      to recognizing character characteristics and conditions for success for a certain time = birth topic or arbitrary dates

c)      for recognizing the rhythmic calendar, cosmic energetic influence and the change of the subject as well as the behaviour of all live on the earth

d)      for recognizing the energetic potential of a letter as well as a ligature and the behaviour, and / or change of destiny resulting  by letter or name change

e)      for recognizing the energetic change of a name, a word or a composition of letters by letter change, developing from it, and the way there taking or adding one or several letters

f)        to recognizing and analysing the self-dynamics of birth topics, names and popery names, company names, Events etc.. and their daily energy change

“The Hubertus-Systems” are based on a provable 22 years development.
A part of the "Hubertus systems" is contained in the following
Internet presentations : - - and



References to request a license


1)        A license request can be addressed to "Hubert Jentsch" or to one of it authorized persons : Tadjana Jentsch - daughter of the author as well as at "Aurelia Soare" Problematologin : 

2)        The distribution of a license agreement to persons, companies or concerns is subject alone of the author and/or authorized persons. A  license request can be rejected unfoundedly.


3)         Current prices of licenses for


A) Individuals : SFR 2'500.00 : ONLY permission for the lucrative use   contains of the "Hubertus-Systems" to consultation of individuals. The license agreement A) = individuals, does not permit a holding from courses and seminars for learning to the use of the "Hubertus-Systems".

B)  Companies   : SFR 12’600.00 = * : included
C)  Concerns      : SFR 18’000.00 = * : included
D)  Persons        : SFR 12’600.00 = * : included  

·        in the License prize included * = B) - C) and D) : The free of charge participation for one person, see paragraph 6)

4)         For the correct application of the “Hubertus-Systems”
and the made statements of licensees or other persons the author does not take

5)                 A license applies to the lifetime of the Owner of license, the authorized company or concern. It cannot by transfer to other persons, companies or concerns.

6)                 In generally the condition for holding of courses and seminars for the use of the „Hubertus-Systems“ is completing the following seminars :

a)   for “System 21”
five days + one day of examine
Prize actual for one person        : SFR 4’200.00 

b)   for „The great thema“
five days + one day of examine  : SFR 4’200.00

a)   five days practicum               : SFR 4’200.00

7)         The license extension for holding courses and seminars is given to persons the have completed training for the lucrative using of the „Hubertus-Systems“, see paragraph 6), and the final examination is existed.

8)         The license B), C) and D) gives to the Owner of „Hubertus-License“ the authorization to propagate officially and in publications to working with them. The indication : with the “Hubertus-Systems” is obligatory.

Example :
            Egon Schrenz
            Persons and companies concealing with the Systems of Hubertus
            Helga Storm
            Partner concealing with the System 21 of Hubertus

9)                 The text reference without indication of the author of the Systems if it acts thereby around the „Hubertus-Systems“ is forbidden.
Example : Partner concealing with the System 21

10)       The provable use of the „Hubertus-Systems“ without license for lucrative purposes is criminally punished.

11)             A license agreement authorizes the Owner legal warnings at persons to introduce with claims for damages to which it a lucrative = profit bringing use prove. Ability court place is the domicile of the licensee.  Licensees get  immediately information from the „Author“ whether a private person or a company has a „Hubertus-License“.

12)       A not-lucrative use for family members or friends as well as for the assistance free of charge to persons in difficult under exclusion of advertisement measures and with indication of the author is authorized.